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    Mite, House League, and Instructional Registration is Open

    09/15/2014, 4:00pm EDT
    By BJHL Webmaster

    Please register your child!

    Registration for children who are now rostered on a Mite team is open! Please take care of this as soon as possible.

    Registration for any child interested in playing Junior or Senior House League or joining the Learn To Skate / Instructional 1 Day or 2 Day programs can also do so. 

    All instructions concerning registration can be found by clicking on the Registration tab.

    Have questions? You can contact Lee-Ann Parrillo. Registrar at bjhlregistrar@gmail.com or Robert Menard, Treasurer at menard.bjhl@gmail.com.


    Team Calendar/Schedule Update:

    09/15/2014, 3:30pm EDT
    By BJHL

    Team game schedules are now in sync with team practice schedules.  What this means is:

    -  You now only need to subscribe to one schedule.  Previously you had to subscribe to the game schedule from www.snehc.org and the practice schedule from www.bjhl.org.  

    -  Those that don't subscribe to a schedule on their phone or computer can see all games and practices listed on their respective team's page on www.bjhl.org.

    To subscribe to a team's complete schedule from www.bjhl.org, you can do this if you have calendar software that accepts the iCalendar format. This also works on smart phones:

    -  Copy the link below for your respective team.

    -  Paste the link into your calendar software.

    -  If you are using Outlook 2007 copy and paste this link into a new web browser window and Outlook will automatically ask you if you wish to add the iCal feed.

    Please note that not all team links were revised.  However, if you subscribed previously we recommend updating the link to ensure you have the correct one now.

    The revised team links for 2014-2015 are as follows:

    Mite Smythe:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303332

    Mite Wales:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303334

    Mite Norris Blue:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303336

    Mite Norris White:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303338

    Squirt Smythe:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303340

    Squirt Norris:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303342

    Pee Wee Smythe:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1390902

    Pee Wee Norris:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303346

    Bantam Smythe:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303348

    Bantam Wales:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303350

    Midget Smythe:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303354

    Girls U16:  webcal://www.bjhl.org/ical_feed?tags=1303356

    Thank you,



    09/10/2014, 9:15pm EDT
    By BJHL


    There will not be a Girls U16 practice on Thursday 9/11/14.   

    The Girls U16 practice for Friday 9/12/14 remains as scheduled.

    2014-2015 Mite Team Selections

    09/05/2014, 9:15pm EDT
    By BJHL Board of Directors

    Below are the Mite teams for the 2014-2015 season.  Team members are listed by pinney.  Two players from the listed Mite B roster will be pulled up to the Mite A team.  This decision will be based on coach evaluations during upcoming practices.

    Please note that the Mite C teams have practice tomorrow morning, 9/6/14, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:50 p.m.  The Mite A and B teams have practice from 8:00 to 8:50 a.m.

    Mite A:
    Pinney Color      Pinney Number
    Red                        25 Goalie
    Red                        94
    White                    42
    White                    31
    White                    9
    Red                        97
    White                    25
    Red                        95
    White                    11
    White                    28

    Coach:  Jamie Sousa


    Mite B:
    Pinney Color      Pinney Number
    White                    35 Goalie
    White                    17
    Red                        78
    White                    47
    Red                        87
    Red                        81
    Red                        84
    White                    41
    White                    14
    Red                        92
    Red                        90
    Red                        85

    Coach:  Mark Olbrys


    Mite C Blue:
    Pinney Color      Pinney Number
    Red                        91
    White                    16
    White                    18
    Red                        99
    Red                        86
    Red                        76
    White                    12
    White                    13

    Coach:  Mark Palmer


    Mite C White:
    Pinney Color      Pinney Number
    Red        89
    Red        96
    White    26
    White    34
    White    00
    Red        79
    White    10

    Coach:  Scott Fullam

    Mite Tryouts

    09/05/2014, 11:45am EDT
    By Secretary


    Just a reminder that the final Mite tryout is tonight 9/5/14 @ 5:30pm.  Please remember to bring USA hockey#'s as well as $100 tryout fee (if you haven't done so on Wed. already), and make sure you check in at the front desk so that we can give your child his/her pinnie prior to them getting on the ice.

    In addition since this is the last tryout the teams will get picked & posted to the website tonight by 8pm.  Each team will be listed individually & each player by  pinnie # (no names). We will try our best to give you those #'s as you check in tonight but if we happen to miss you for some reason please make a mental note of your childs #.  And just so everyones aware there are practices for mites starting tomorrow morning 9/6/14 as well so if your child gets put on a       Mite A(Smythe) or B(Wales) team practice begins at 8:00am.  For all Mite C(Norris) players practice will begin at 7:00am. Also for your convenience we will open registration for all Mite, Instructional & House League programs once the teams have been posted so be sure and get that done ASAP at the following link https://burrillvillwjhl.sportngin.com/register/form/458016560

    We know this is a lot of information, but feel free to contact us with any questions & as always be sure to check the website or FaceBook page for the most up-to-date information.

    We're looking forward to a great 2014-2015 season!   :)

    Skate Night

    09/02/2014, 9:30pm EDT
    By Secretary

    Just wanted to let everyone know that BJHL is hosting a

    Back-to-School SKATE NIGHT this Friday Sept. 5th from 9-11pm.  

    Admission is $5 per person.

    We hope to see you there!



    28 Garnder Ave
    Cranston, RI 02910