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South Coast Hockey League

REGISTRATION for the 2023/2024 LEARN TO SKATE FALL SESSION is now open!

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Fall Session starts Oct 28th!

Learn to Skate/Learn to Play:

The BJHL Development Program is offered for children to learn and develop skating skills and to learn the fundamentals of hockey. Eligible players must not be part of the travel league program (level Mite B and up). 

Learn to Skate is a program for children who have never skated before, or who have limited skating experience. Our program teaches basic skating skills and is designed to be a fun program that builds a child's confidence on the ice and provides them the fundamentals to transition into our Learn To Play hockey program.

Our Learn to Play program incorporates skating and skills stations to strengthen skating and introduces stick handling, passing, and shooting skills in accordance with USA Hockey guidelines. Developing these skills provides players the fundamentals to transition into our Mite level travel program

It is mandatory that all skaters have full hockey equipment shortly after the start of Learn to Skate/Learn to Play. This includes a hockey helmet with cage, elbow and shin pads, hockey pants, and a chest protector. Some sporting goods stores have starter packages available for instructional players. You can also join the BJHL Community Facebook group and post "in search of" equipment listings to find members who may have used equipment in good condition. Learn to Play participants will also need sticks, however the coaches will let you know when that time comes.

This year BJHL is offering a 'preseason' learn to skate program that starts September 10, 2023 and runs for 6 weeks each Sunday at 12:30pm right here in Burrillville at Levy Rink.  The cost for the preseason session will be $80.

The Learn to Skate/Learn to Play Program is held on Saturday and Sunday. Parents can choose to have their skaters attend just Saturday sessions or both the Saturday and Sunday sessions. The first 10 week session begins in October.  The second 10 week session will begin in January.

2023 Fall Session Starts in October!

Saturday:   9:00 am
Sunday:     12:30 pm

Fee for each 10 week Learn to Skate/Learn to Play 2023/2024 session:

$200 Both Days

$120 Saturdays Only / Sundays Only

Parents, your help is always appreciated! This is a great organization comprised completely of volunteers. If you have hockey or skating skills and you wish to assist, please contact Roth Wennerstrom by clicking the email link at the bottom of the page.  Even assisting with the on ice equipment is a great help to this program. Thank you very much for considering being part of the BJHL family!

Barone Orthodontics

A special thank you to Barone Orthodontics for sponsoring our 2023-2024 Learn to Skate!

Questions or Comments? Contact:

Brenden Shea

Learn to Skate Coordinator

Tara Smith