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South Coast Hockey League


2021/2022 Sponsorship Opportunities

The BJHL Booster Club is busy securing league sponsors for the 2021/22 season. Sponsoring the BJHL is a great way to advertise your business and support your child and their teammates. If any of our families are interested in finding out more about the benefits and affordable levels of sponsorship, please don't hesitate to contact our booster club director.

2022 Calendar Raffle Winners

Date Prize Winner
January 1st $150 Rachel Da Moeta
January 2nd $100 Micheal T Sabatos
January 3rd $25 Cheryl Sindelar
January 4th $75 Rachel Guerrero
January 5th $25 Connekted, Inc
January 6th $50 Lauren Rogers
January 7th $100 Rachel Narodowy
January 8th $150 Billy Palazini
January 9th $100 Scott McGee
January 10th $75 Julie Pirri
January 11th $25 Todd Drew
January 12th $75 Justin Corrie
January 13th $100 Melissa Lambert
January 14th $25 Todd Drew
January 15th $150 Linda Baptista
January 16th $50 Jack Constantian
January 17th $75 Kelly Pickering
January 18th $25 Kailey Smith
January 19th $50 Christine Corriveau
January 20th $25 Richard Gallo
January 21st $150 Heather Hill-Tovar
January 22nd $75 Tyler Hagerty
January 23rd $25 Joe Loiselle
January 24th $100 Shannon Murphy
January 25th $100
January 26th $75
January 27th $100
January 28th $25
January 29th $50
January 30th $150
January 31st $150

The table above is subject to change in the event of a typo.  Refer to the calendar received for correct prize on specific date.

Questions or Comments? Contact:

Kristen Moore

Booster Club Director

Darlene Doughty

Events Coordinator