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South Coast Hockey League


    BJHL brings home banners

    By BJHL Webmaster 03/11/2024, 11:15am EDT

    BJHL brings home four banners in the 2023-2024 season championships!

    Championship Sunday was good to BJHL with all three of our teams who made it to the championship games bringing home banners with them to Burrillville.  The U10-B team started the day, defeating the Central Rhode Island Knights 5-3.  The U12-C1 team followed suit by taking down the Martha's Vineyard Mariners 5-1.  In the very next game, the U12-B team finished the day with a 6-1 win over the Providence Junior Bears.  The three banners were added to the U18-B teams win from the half-season championship in November making four banners for Burrillville Junior Hockey this season!  Can't wait to see what we can do next season!

    Time Clock Rules

    By SCHL 10/15/2023, 9:00am EDT

    Update to the Time Clock rules from SCHL

    SCHL has released new rules regarding the running of the clock during games that may run over time or games with a 6+ goal differential.  See the Commissioner's message below.


    In our constant effort to ensure smooth gameplay, we are implementing important changes to our game time rules.

    Recently, we have noticed that games are taking longer than usual, which has put pressure on both the teams, and the rinks we operate in. To address this issue and promote a fair experience for all, we are introducing the following new running time rules:

    • Running Time on 6-Goal Differential: If a team establishes a lead with a 6-goal differential, the game clock will switch to running time. However, as soon as the goal differential is reduced to within 5 goals, the clock will revert to stop time.
    • Running Time When Running Over Allotted Ice Block: In the event of a game running long and there's a risk of teams being kicked off the ice due to an ice block ending, the clock will be set to the remaining time left in the ice block, and the clock will run. For example, if a game is scheduled from 12:30pm to 1:30pm and if the start of the 3rd period it's 1:21 pm, the clock will be set to 9 minutes and will be running clock, regardless of the goal differential.


    It's important to note that different rinks may have varying degrees of leniency when it comes to games running long. Therefore, teams should be prepared to adhere to the new running time rules if the time block is running short. These new rules will be effective immediately.

    We kindly request that all coaches and team managers inform their parents and scorekeepers about these changes and ensure they are well-prepared to adapt to running time scenarios as necessary. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

    See you at the rink,
    SCHL Commissioner

    New merch for BJHL!!

    By Board 11/21/2022, 4:45pm EST

    Buy new BJHL merch now from Greenville Graphics

    BJHL has teamed up with Greenville Graphics for this season for your new BJHL merchandise needs!  You can now visit to order year round from a local shop right in Greenville, Rhode Island.  Get your orders in by December 09, 2022 to get your order before Christmas!

    BJHL, meet YouTube!

    By Webmaster 03/13/2021, 4:00pm EST

    BJHL now has their own YouTube channel

    BJHL has started our very own YouTube channel!  Be sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for new videos as time goes on!  Our first video is an instructional on how to operate the time clock, (complete with CC).  Now its easier than ever to volunteer to be a time keeper to help out the team!

    Our YouTube channel - Burrillville Junior Hockey League

    Our first video - Operating the Time Clock


    By BJHL 04/19/2020, 12:15pm EDT

    BJHL Joins South Coast Hockey League

    BJHL would like to announce that we have joined the newly formed SCHL for the 2020 season.  As of today, you will see that every team that we played last year, and possibly 3 others, will be in the new South Coast Hockey League.  We look forward to a fun and successful year with our new league!  Click this article to view the SCHL Press Release

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    By BJHL Board of Directors 09/19/2018, 10:15pm EDT

    Sponsoring the BJHL is a great way to advertise your business and support your child and their teammates. If any of our families are interested in finding out more about the benefits and affordable levels of sponsorship, please don't hesitate to contact Kristen Moore